Winalite International is a multinational corporation specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech products. With its major product Winion (Anion) Sanitary Napkin, it has received positive responses from the global market as well as wide recognition and a stellar reputation since its founding in January 2007. As its scale of operation and market demand has grown, Winalite has gradually developed a diversified global product strategy and launched various high-tech healthcare products into overseas markets. The company currently owns three modernized plants, whose standard factory buildings cover a total area of 100,000 square meters. The “negative ion strip” and “pH detecting card” have earned a series of patents from China and the oversea countries. Besides, it also earns the safety certificate from Hong Kong, FDA certificate from the US, and CE certificate from EU. They provide WINALITE a solid basis from which to meet ever-growing customer demands and also provide support for its global expansion to overseas market.

At present time, Winalite has more than 400 employees across the world, including many senior level management personnel with extensive experience in managing multinational corporations. Dozens of branches have developed throughout the world, developing a global organizational strategy and a large-scale management mode in which the global headquarters coordinates its ten operation regions, including Greater Russia, Greater India, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania and the Middle East.

Power as the excellent products and strong basis, make Winalite remarkable progress. On January,15th 2008, the Winalite Group successfully went public on the OTCBB of the USA, laying a solid foundation of the brand of Winalite throughout the world.

With the great development of Winalite, she has been always keeping her high sense of social responsibility. Under the corporate philosophy of “Boundless Love, All for Love”,Winalite has her enthusiasms on doing a large scales of charity. Mr. Vincent Chen, the Vice Chairman of Poverty Relief Association of P.R.C., Chairman of Winalite Group, and the Chairman of the board of U.S. ForYou Group, has always been keeping his grateful heart to help the poverty in need since 1990’s. Winalite, with the leadership of Mr. Chen, has donated over 100 million RMB to the publics, in order to help women’s health, poverty relief, and education.


Born in 1964, Guangdong Huazhou people, graduated from Shenzhen University. Top 10 philanthropist of China, Vice chairman of China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development, vice director of Central International Liaison committee of China Democratic National Construction, the 12th National People’s Congress of Guangdong Province, Chairman of Winalite International, board chairman of ForYou Group USA. Mr. Chen started his business while he was in University, until now nearly 20 enterprises and 5 production base have been established which expanded his business all over the world. Especially for creating Winalite the myth of this industry, Mr. Chen has undoubtedly become the industry leader and won high praise of different industries and social sectors.

As an outstanding entrepreneur, Mr. Chen upholds the company culture of “Endless and selfless love ”, always being an honost business man, operating his business according to the law, dovoting himself actively to charitable cause. From 2007 till now, Mr. Chen has already donated over 500 million RMB to different sectors of society.

Owing to his outstanding contribution in anti-poverty and charitable cause, Mr. Chen had been kindly received by national leaders many times. During the 60th Anniversary of New China, Mr. Chen was invited by the state council to attend the 60th Anniversary Celebration activities and was named “China’s top ten philanthropist” for consecutive years.